About me

Hello, and welcome to Emichelefit.

My name is Emily. I am a 28 year old personal trainer and group instructor living in Birmingham, Alabama.

My personal journey in health + fitness has had its ups and downs throughout the years, starting with my eating disorder in my junior high years. Once I bounced back (momentarily) I played tennis all through highschool, mixed in with some Jillian Michaels workout DVDs.

Fast forward to starting college at Belmont University in 2010, and I knew I needed to pick something else up. I started running and taking spin classes, but with the pressure of college life and other people, I fell back into a lot of old habits. This time, I was eating, but not enough for the excessive amounts of exercise I was doing. I got very tiny, and was just barely eating.

As you can see in the difference above–after college, I backed off of running, started eating more, and started working on myself and finding a balance–not just with food, but in fitness too.

I played around with strength training and ran less and less, and in January of 2018 I found Crossfit.

Crossfit has opened a whole new world of fitness for me since my first class. I am a personal trainer and know a lot about fitness (cardio, strength training, etc.), but when it came to crossfit and powerlifting…I knew little to nothing.

It’s been an amazing journey seeing what my body is capable of and how strong I can become. Now I dread running compared to before…although one day I would like to do another half marathon…but in the mean time, I’ll stick to lifting weights and teaching spin classes!

I have worked hard to find a balance in food and fitness. I still struggle sometimes, but nobody’s perfect, and that’s one thing I want to give you guys with the blog.

This blog will provide you with everything from fit tips and workouts, nutrition advice and recipes, wellness information, and everyday healthy living. I hope you enjoy!